Trust is the Key to Unlocking Data

Trust is the Key to Unlocking Data

This article is part of the Forum Network series on Digitalisation and Trust

Data is the fuel powering our new digital economy. However, news of data breaches and misuse of personal information erodes trust and leads the public to believe that data is bad or something to be feared.

If these negative perceptions become entrenched, we risk missing out on the enormous opportunities and benefits data offers to improve people’s lives, help grow the economy and become more successful as a nation.

As a Government, we have a responsibility to use data to make the best possible decisions to improve people’s lives. In May 2018, the Australian Government announced reforms to simplify the way public data can be shared and used, and clarify accountabilities around the management of data. These reforms are made up of four components:

  • A Consumer Data Right to give Australians greater access and control over their data, to enable them to get a better deal from their bank, energy and telecommunications companies;
  • A National Data Commissioner to manage the integrity and improve how the Australian Government manages and uses data;
  • A new National Data Advisory Council to provide advice on ethical data use, technical best practice, and industry and international developments; and
  • Enabling legislation – the Data Sharing and Release Act – to improve the use and re-use of data while strengthening security and privacy protections for personal and sensitive data.
Source: Australian Government, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

These reforms represent a tremendous opportunity to unlock national productivity. However, we will only seize this opportunity if public data is used in a safe and transparent manner and citizens trust their privacy and security is being valued and protected at all times.

To achieve that, we are working hard to secure the trust of the public at the core of our reforms.

This is the only way we can ensure the benefits of data and insights are driving effective outcomes for all people and organisations and indeed, for the entire economy and society.

Data is the fuel of growth and trust is the key that will enable us to get ahead.

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