OECD Forum 2018: Meet the Author with Tarah Wheeler

OECD Forum 2018: Meet the Author with Tarah Wheeler

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The Meet the Author events at the OECD Forum offer a unique opportunity to go deeper into the challenges our societies are facing today and to explore what brings us together. These sessions are designed for exchanging new ideas and for encountering creative new voices and views.

Where are the women in tech? Since the 1980s, the number of IT degrees awarded to women has actually declined and there are far fewer women working in tech than men. It’s time to change this depressing statistic, says Tarah Wheeler, researcher, author and entrepreneur. 

Join Ms. Wheeler, Principal Security Advisor and Cybersecurity Policy Fellow, New America, and Sarah Box, Counsellor, Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, OECD, for a frank look at the unconscious social bias against women in the tech industry and a practical discussion of what women considering getting into tech, or those want to take their tech career to the next level, need to do.

Each year we identify authors and books at the heart of OECD Forum agenda, addressing issues and dimensions that complement the OECD’s own analysis. As we begin preparations for OECD Forum 2019, we want to know what you've been reading!

Join the Forum Network and post your recommendations for recently published or upcoming books on digitalisation and gender in the comments below to help us co-create next year's Meet the Author sessions!

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