In #PostTruth Era #FalseNews leaves #Truth far behind: We Only Have Ourselves to Blame

In a #PostTruth Era #FalseNews leaves #Truth behind as much due to Human Psyche and Behaviour as #ArtificialIntelligence
In #PostTruth Era #FalseNews leaves #Truth far behind: We Only Have Ourselves to Blame

#PostTruth Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Media Lab MIT Sloan School of Management analysis by Sinan Aral Deb Roy & Souroush Vousoughi delivers some sobering findings:

1. False news stories are 70% more likely to be retweeted than true stories are 

2. It takes true stories 6 times longer to reach people as it does for false stories 

3. Falsehoods penetrate discourse far more deeply & quickly than truth: when it comes to #Twitter’s “cascades,” or unbroken retweet chains, falsehoods reach a cascade depth of 10 about 20 times faster than facts

4. Falsehoods are retweeted by unique users more broadly than true statements at every depth of cascade 

The kicker is that the drivers of these results are as much the human psyche and behaviour as anything.

We only have ourselves to blame!

Read the full study published in Science Magazine

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Go to the profile of Meryem RAMI YAHYAOUI
almost 6 years ago

This topic is key. Thank you Mr Gooch.

1/ How can each of us - make sure of the content he has?

2/ How can we denonciate false information?

3/ How can OECD provide information on this? 

4/ Should international organization be the garrant of true information? Should department be created?

5/ Why are we fighting all against corruption, gender inequality and not against fake informations?


Go to the profile of Denise Green
almost 6 years ago

I thought this report was a real eye-opener in terms of the content I see online on a daily basis. We should try to better inform ourselves to be aware of what constitutes false news - how to spot it, and how to debunk it. More work and study should be directed towards the causes and consequences of the spread of false news, and its potential cures.