Vote for the OECD Forum 2018 Title!

Vote for the OECD Forum 2018 Title!

Dear Forum Network Members,

As we progress in the preparations for this year’s OECD Forum, on 29-30 May, in Paris, we’d like to consult you on the title of the event.

At OECD Forum 2017, we joined forces to explore the deepening divides fragmenting our economies and societies and find common purpose. Building on these conversations, the central narrative of Forum 2018 will revolve around our ability to identify the common values and joint concerns that are essential to build bridges, moving from diagnosis to action and shaping solutions.

Which title conveys this concept in the most compelling manner?

‒         Option 1. “What Unites Us?”

‒         Option 2. “What Brings Us Together?”

Please join the Forum Network and comment below with “Option 1” or “Option 2”.

Thank you very much!

We look forward to continuing this conversation in coming weeks.


Anthony Gooch 

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Go to the profile of David Jo Konstantin Tofan
almost 6 years ago

“What Unites Us?” = About 528,000 results (0.49 seconds)

"What brings us together?" = About 181,000 results (0.44 seconds)

I suppose that Option 1 is generally more trending, though Option 2 leaves more room to become a trending topic. I'd personally go for Option 2.

Go to the profile of Beth Walter Honadle
almost 6 years ago

Option  1

Go to the profile of Jonathan Aronson
almost 6 years ago

Anthony, Option 2 is better. Neither is great.  A title that starts with "what" is suspect. At APEC in PNG this week the buzz was about "The Digital Economy." It's not quite right but something like "The Global Digital Economy Rises."

Go to the profile of Anthony Gooch
almost 6 years ago

Thanks Jonathan.

It follows on from last year's "Bridging Divides" is also designed not to be an assertion (which I find we know best) but an invitation and question to delve in to those elements that do unite.bring together despite all the talk of division, tribalism and fracture.

Tks for you feedback

Go to the profile of Naja Bentzen
almost 6 years ago

Option 2 leaves room for diversity and reflection (mirroring a "slow thinking" approach, which should be encouraged, especially in a time when emotions trump evidence). This would be in line with the overall theme.

Go to the profile of Laurence GERRER-THOMAS
almost 6 years ago

Option 2

Go to the profile of Victor Freundt
almost 6 years ago

Option 1: I feel its goal is to find one thing in common, something that all of us have and we have to discover. Sometimes what unites us doesn't have to be what people like/need. The word "us" could have been "all", so it sounds more inclusive.

Option 2: I feel more mystery. We might have to discover ways or topics to talk about. It is more open to discuss what unites us and what doesn't unite us. Somehow, "together" also sounds friendly. 

I would vote for Option 2.

Go to the profile of Beatrice TARDIEU
almost 6 years ago

Dear Anthony,

We discussed at Johnson & Johnson and we vote for option 1! To us it gathers the principles and freedom that define the world, so addresses the roots of the origin, the diversity and the future to be fosters the cooperation and the dialogue, the partnership and the collaboration...all OECD Forum themes and priorities!

Looking forward to seeing the final score...and reading other comments!


Beatrice & Zeger

Go to the profile of Marcelino Villaverde Aguilar
almost 6 years ago

Option 1