Are we in a post-email age? Doesn't look like it...

Hand-picked news for you - from David Pierce, WIRED
Are we in a post-email age? Doesn't look like it...


For years, I've been hearing that email is dead but this article from WIRED suggests it's just badly injured and needs an urgent trip to the data infirmary.

LET'S START THIS story at the end: You can't kill email. Attempting to do so is a decades-long tradition of the tech industry, a cliché right up there with "Uber, but for" and "the Netflix of X." AOL Instant Messenger tried to kill email. So did MySpace. Then Facebook took up the mantle, followed by Slack and Symphony and WhatsApp and HipChat. Through it all, email persists—always dying, never dead.

Except email isn't dying. There are 3.7 billion users worldwide who collectively send 269 billion emails every day, according to a report by the Radicati Group. Email is bigger than Facebook. Hell, it's bigger than the internet. Read on...

By David Pierce, WIRED

You might also be interested in this piece "Is email broken?" from the BBC a couple of years ago.


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