Is there a role for innovation in tackling global inequality?

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This article is part of the Forum Network series on New Societal Contract and International Co-operation

"The global Sustainable Development Goals have embraced the idea of reducing inequality (and importantly, have made it a target for every country). Innovation is also hard-wired into the SDGs, given that achieving all 17 goals will require transformational change at many levels.

But innovation can exacerbate inequality too. While technological innovation has driven impressive growth in several low and middle-income countries over recent years, the effects of this on poverty reduction and inequality have varied considerably."

"Rather than just assuming innovation will reduce inequality, the global development sector – and others – need to consciously explore the extent to which it is inclusive in process and outcome".

Do you think the global development sector takes it for granted that innovation will reduce inequality? What would you do to change this culture?

Read the full article by Madeleine Gabriel and Alex Glennie on Nesta's website

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Madeleine Gabriel

Head of Inclusive Innovation, International Team, Nesta