2018 is going to be a huge year for face recognition and AI

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I just had lunch with a colleague here at the OECD. Having taken fresh delivery of his new iPhone X and proudly showing me how he can unlock it with his ugly mug, it got me thinking... and googling. Of course I'm not jealous at all |-), but I did find this.

Machine learning and pioneering face recognition technology aren't yet mainstream. With the new iPhone and millions of other devices carrying this technology, it's about to go huge in 2018. 

This NEW video on The Economist presents some interesting insights into the way facial recognition and AI represent yet another monumental technological change that will dramatically change our lives as we continue #GoingDigital. oe.cd/ai

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Check it out and use the comments box to let us know what you think about the potential benefits and threats of face recognition and what it means at the human level.

Shayne MacLachlan

Campaign Manager, OECD

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