Daily Dose of Data 5: The impact of education on Internet use

We will present a statistic from the Digital Economy Outlook 2017 every day (until we run out!) on The Forum Network.

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Internet use can vary widely in older age groups 

Education appears to be a much more important factor determining Internet usage for older people than for younger ones. Internet usage among 55-74 year-olds is still very heterogeneous across countries: above 80% in the Nordic countries, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, but only 30% in Greece, 24% in Mexico and 16% in Turkey. Internet usage rates for 55-74 year-olds with a tertiary education are generally above or in line with those of the overall population, and in some countries approach the usage rates among 16-24 year-olds. Differences in Internet usage between high and low educational attainments among 55-74 year-olds are particularly large in Hungary, Lithuania and Poland.

Education's impact on Internet use among people aged 55-74

OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2017

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Statlink: http://dx.doi.org/10.1787/888933585590