In a digital world, are we losing sight of our undigitised past?

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In a digital world, are we losing sight of our undigitised past?

Even though archives from museums and libraries are being digitalised, a lot of content, especially from the 20th century is being forgotten. These resources are at risk of being lost in an era where "what has not been digitalised does not exist".

"In today’s interconnected always-online digital-first world, we tend to think that every piece of information in the world is instantly accessible at our fingertips. Yet, the reality is that as we wrap our daily lives ever further in our digital blankets, our understanding of the world around us and the information accessible to us is ever more defined by what has been digitised or born digital. As we focus on information bubbles and how algorithms increasingly decide what we consume online, we all-too-often forget that these bubbles and algorithmic decisions are themselves constrained to just that information which is available in the digital realm. What about our vast undigitised past? As we race towards our digital future will we lose touch with and ultimately forget our history?".

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