Artificial Intelligence is stuck. Here’s how to move it forward

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Behind the hype of Artificial Intelligence, computers are still a long way from the cognitive capacity of humans, says Gary Marcus in this article. To enable real and positive impacts on our societies, a new global approach is needed. That's why Marcus calls for a better international collaboration on AI.

What do you think? Do we need a new AI paradigm?

"Artificial Intelligence is colossally hyped these days, but the dirty little secret is that it still has a long, long way to go. Sure, A.I. systems have mastered an array of games, from chess and Go to “Jeopardy” and poker, but the technology continues to struggle in the real world. Robots fall over while opening doors, prototype driverless cars frequently need human intervention, and nobody has yet designed a machine that can read reliably at the level of a sixth grader, let alone a college student. Computers that can educate themselves — a mark of true intelligence — remain a dream".

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Julien Hamou

Campaign Co-ordinator, OECD


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