Facebook calls for a more people-centric security industry

This BBC article discusses how the security industry needs to worry less about technology and more about people

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The Going Digital project at the OECD aims to provide policymakers with the tools they need to help economies and societies prosper in an increasingly digital world. Put simply, it's about making the digital transformation work for people. 

This article I found on the BBC website this morning reveals the concerns expressed by the head of Facebook security regarding the tech industry's lop-sided focus on the technical elements of cybersecurity and a failure to adequately address the effects on the lives of people. This point was also raised in the recent OECD Forum session, No Ordinary Disruption, a panel looking at digital security and the Internet of Things. During this panel, comments were made about having the wrong sort of expert working on digital security and how governments are lacking the human resources and the right people to make a difference. Interestingly, if you read to the end of this article the Facebook security chief raises the same point, but applies it to the private sector. Does this surprise you?

Do you think we need a new type of focus on digital security? Feel free to use the comments box below... 

Shayne MacLachlan

Campaign Manager, OECD

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