Collaborative notes

Few notes from the Me, Myself, and A.I. session. You are welcome to complement them
Collaborative notes

This article is part of the Forum Network series on Digitalisation

Me, Myself and A.I.

Notes from the session, you can freely edit or complement them here:

Opening Speakers

Anne Carblanc 

Head, Digital Economy Policy, Science, Technology and Innovation OECD

  • Three challenges with AI : Employment, legal liability and bias

Eric Hazan

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co; Member McKinsey&Company

  • AI : 3% of private equity, but +285% compared to last year
  • Tech players (facebook,Amazon …) are the one investing the most ( 28 to 35 bn$) that should be a signal
  • For most businesses ( McKinsey clients) the main question is what are the business cases. Lots of experiments going, there is a Mckinsey report to be published in two weeks. 12% are close to be commercialized
  • Allows decrease of 40% in inventory for retail
  • Still at an experimental stage

Rand Hindi 

Founder and CEO Snips  

  • A.I. enable automation with ease and speed. Otherwise you would need time and expertise, which is costly It is easier to collect data than to understand things  

Diego Piacentini

Government Commissioner Digital Agenda Italy

  • 13 years at apple, 17 at amazon
  • States should be a promoter not only a regulator/tax office use vs regulation & tax
  • The perspective matter. For instance if you see refugees as a mobility problem, that could be solved as a technical problem with some political implications

Søren Pind

Minister for Higher Education and Science Ministry of Higher Education and Science Denmark

  • To combine the slowness of democracy and the pace of innovation
  • Democracy is about spreading knowledge, explaining to the weakest “Why this is important”
  • AI might reinforce the concentration of power and capital.
  • We need more technicians, but also more people able to thinking across the spectrum
  • Sometimes governments try to do what they usually do but faster. It should be the opposite : When you react quickly it is not thought, it is emotions.
  • “The Operating system of the world was designed in a world of coal and steel”


(I have no notes from this part as it was group and informal discussion. Feel free to add yours ) 

Closing Speaker(s)

Andrew Wyckoff

Director, Science, Technology and Innovation OECD

  • Let’s not forget the E of OECD, countries compete. On this topic we shouldn’t only be looking on nice, regulation… but on how our countries are competitive. Otherwise, most of the investment is done by one country. And even more by one country that is not member of the OECD…This is the first industrial revolution we are self aware of.

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