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Well done you've made it to this new digital concept, designed for people wishing to help shape better policies for better lives – throughout the year!

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It's my pleasure to welcome you to The Forum Network, an entirely new digital concept designed for people wishing to help shape better policies for better lives–throughout the year!

The OECD’s mission to help improve policy making is timeless, but the ways in which we inform those policies never stop evolving. For much of our early existence policy advice at the OECD was kept among experts, formulated in closed rooms, and communicated in formal dispatches to member countries. We spoke, our members listened.

Then came the web and the advent of the multi-stakeholder meeting, which led to the launch of OECD Forum in 2000. These annual gatherings of representatives from business, labour, civil society and academia have proved invaluable for gathering ideas and nourishing the ministerial discussions which take place at the same time. For nearly 20 years, thousands of participants have come to the OECD Forum to listen, network, feel inspired, and in many cases return the following year. And in recent years people around the world have followed the OECD Forum online, too.

Now, thanks to this state-of-the-art community platform, we are going to the next level.

Introducing The Forum Network: a cutting-edge engagement platform designed for today’s public policy needs, hosted by the OECD.

In the digital world everyone shapes policy and everyone is a stakeholder. Policymaking is more than ever an ongoing public process, with many voices and players. In our fast moving world of competing information, facts, narratives and post-truths, people not only need reliable sources, such as the OECD, but reliable places in which to engage, discuss, share ideas, knowledge and expertise, and be listened to and taken seriously.

The Forum Network is that place.

On www.OECD-Forum.org you will be able to draw on enriching content, ideas, data, documents, video and more created and posted by members of the Forum Network, which you are invited to join. 

The new platform launches with content provided by contributors from around the world: thought-leaders, experts, and activists from business, labour and civil society, together with some posts from OECD staff, on the theme of OECD's Forum 2017, Bridging Divides: Inclusive Growth, Digitalisation and Trust.

Anyone may join The Forum Network. As a Friend, you will be able to consult, comment, download, ask questions, give critical feedback and build your network. If you feel you have ideas to contribute and wish to become more deeply involved in The Forum Network on an ongoing basis, you can request to become a Contributor.

With The Forum Network your knowledge and ideas can go further, and your learning too. You will become part of an exciting global community, where interaction, sharing and co-creating better policies are our raison d’être.

The new Forum Network is for you, and run by you. Its success will depend on your engagement with it.

Join The Forum Network today.

Shape ideas. Shape policy. Shape the future.