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Young people are entering the labour market more educated and with greater ambition than any previous generation, but in many countries, they still struggle to find good employment. Societies turn to career guidance systems to help student plan effectively for their futures, but historically policy and practice in guidance has been undermined by a lack of scientific evidence. The OECD’s recent review of longitudinal datasets in ten countries provides new confidence about the long-term impacts of teenage career guidance on adult employment outcomes. The study evidences which career development activities can be most confidently expected to support teenage students in finding more satisfying, better-paying employment in adulthood. These Career Readiness Indicators link how young people explore, experience and think about potential futures in work.

In order to support the continued improvement of the evidence base and identification of connected effective practice and policy, the OECD encourages policymakers, practitioners and scholars to share their work on the career development of children and young people at the 2023 OECD Disrupted Futures conference.

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